Spencer Frost // Eyes in the Sky Visuals

Spencer Frost, a 23 year old Freelance Filmmaker / Aerial Cinematographer from Avalon Beach - Sydney,  is a passionate and dedicated creative willing to go to the extra length to get the job done. 

Over the past 4 years Spencer has worked with many huge international brands including Ducati, Corona, Telstra, Tourism Australia, The North Face, Air New Zealand, Nutrigrain, Surfing Magazine, Ripcurl and Monster Children just to name a few. He provides several different services including Aerial Cinematography, Underwater Videography and high end freelance Cinematography. Over the past 4 years Spencer has travelled to some amazing locations around the world including Africa,  Hawaii, Indonesia, South Pacific and all over Australia creating magical content for clients wherever he is. 

Spencer is currently using DJI's latest amazing Aerial drone technology- The DJI Inspire 2. Among the many insane features this drone is equipt with, it can shoot up to a huge 5.2K Raw / Prores, has interchangeable lenses and has almost 30 minutes flight time - a must have for all Directors / Productions. 

Spencer is also currently shooting with a RED RAVEN Digital cinema camera, DJI Ronin and a variety of other amazing camera gear to cover all angles of any job. 

Spencer is a Fully (CASA) Licensed, Certified and Insured drone operator and can legally fly all drones up to 25kgs. 

Spencer is also operating under the name - @frostfilms

To see more of his Freelance work please visit www.frostfilms.com.au